XDL-CA1005  improves line flow and accuracy during long range casting

improves line flow and accuracy
during long range casting
Action: M

new5 1
new5 1

XDL Surf Rods
built with durability and comfort in mind
Equipped with a sensitive graphite composite blank and enough back bone to cast heavy baits a long way yet feel the lightest of bites

The Medium action rod is probably the most common ‘action’ of Carp rod as a generalization.

They have good power in the butt section to control fish and are capable of casting medium sized leads to distance, additionally the rod tips are usually still very supple allowing a good action to play fish under the rod tip.

This type of rod is also sometimes said to have a ‘Progressive’ Action.

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new5 2

the double footed stainless steel guide frames keep your line running straight
Aluminum oxide guide inserts are braid compatible

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