TAI1021 – Taiwan rod



TAI1021-1003-11H, TAI1021-1003-13H, TAI1021-1003-7H, TAI1021-1003-9H, TAI1021-1103-13H, TAI1021-1103-9H, TAI1021-1104-11H, TAI1021-1104-7H, TAI1021-1204-11H, TAI1021-1204-13H, TAI1021-1204-5.5H, TAI1021-1204-7H, TAI1021-1204-9H, TAI1021-1304-11H, TAI1021-1304-13H, TAI1021-1304-5.5H, TAI1021-1304-7H, TAI1021-1304-9H, TAI1021-1504-11H, TAI1021-1504-9H, TAI1021-1505-13H, TAI1021-1505-5.5H, TAI1021-1505-7H, TAI1021-1605-5.5H, TAI1021-1605-7H, TAI1021-1605-9H, TAI1021-1805-5.5H, TAI1021-1805-7H, TAI1021-1906-5.5H, TAI1021-2106-5.5H, TAI1021-2407-5.5H, TAI1021-903-11H

Product Description

Multiple sizes available for selection.

made of 24 intertwined threads UV reinforced rod tip.

30+36T high carbon fiber .

High standard 1/9 XF Action.

Portable closed length design .

Lightweight metal front and rear cover.

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